Andafin was launched in 2015, with the goal of “better decisions to reach the next billion” through unleashing the potential of financial institutions’ data to improve the lives of customers and the bottom line. Our consulting and data teams have completed projects across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, enhancing the features and power of our technology as we go.

We help our clients build strategies and systems to grow their businesses in emerging markets, using data and analytical tools as a cornerstone of the process. We believe that by living, working, and building businesses in emerging markets every day, we gain greater perspective on our clients’ challenges. Ultimately, we aim to support better products and services for the end customers of financial institutions, increasing prosperity worldwide.

Ken Liffiton, Managing Director

Ken is adept at combining business, technology, and cross-cultural leadership skills to create value at growing companies.  He has more than 15 years of consulting, technology, and project management experience; covering industries including financial services, e-commerce, education, pharma, and aerospace; from startups to the Fortune 100. Since his first visit to Vietnam in 1999, he has been interested in rapidly growing nations, and has now lived and/or worked in more than a dozen emerging markets across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Ken’s experience includes developing new products and business lines, analysis of large data sets for financial institutions and e-commerce companies, and leading systems implementation and business transformation projects.  In addition, he spreads knowledge through coaching, mentoring, and teaching corporate strategy.  Ken is conversant in Vietnamese and Spanish, and holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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Technology and data privacy

We use cloud computing services from Amazon Web Services, which allows us to rapidly scale our operations and serve financial institutions of any size. We use a custom technology stack based on the R programming language to swiftly produce insights from large volumes of data.

Data is stored in an encrypted format such that even the cloud service provider would not be able to read it, and servers are accessed using encrypted connections. In countries with data sovereignty laws, we set up our tools on a local server, ensuring that data never leaves the country.

In order to preserve customer privacy we utilize desensitized data, i.e. we do not require data identifying an individual person. For example, each customer can be identified by a code that only the bank can decipher to identify an individual customer.